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Beginner Lindy Hop Class in Durham

About the Weekly Class

Learn how to swing dance from scratch. No dance experience necessary as you will be shown the basics with everything being explained clearly and simply so that you will find it easy to understand and easy to do. This step-by-step class will take you from 'Two Left Feet' to 'Comfortable And Confident' in a short time. Come in casual clothes and wear shoes that are comfortable, preferably with a smooth sole and flat or low heels.

Learn how to dance to swing music from the Big Band and Jazz era. Join us for fun & easy-to-follow sessions on the basics of the 1920s Charleston to 1940s Lindy Hop.


The Wednesday classes are part of a 6 week course. These Wednesday classes run on a different format from our Tuesday classes.

The beginner courses are £36 pp includes 45 minute class, free hot drinks and access to our online Swing Dance Fundamentals course!

Book here for the 6 November course: https://lindyjazz.dancecloud.com/tk/dance/events/24749

Book here for the 8 January course: https://lindyjazz.dancecloud.com/tk/dance/events/25327

Questions About The Course

Do I need to have any dance experience to attend the beginners’ course? No dance experience is needed

Do I need to bring a partner? You can come on your own or with friends, we will all dance with each other.

Do we need to book in advance or can we just drop in? This 6-week course is not available as a drop in class. Please book in advance.  (the 18 September class is now fully booked) Book here for the 6 November course.

What should we wear? Wear comfortable, casual clothes and smooth-soled shoes.

What should we bring? If you are arriving straight from work, do bring some deodorant and a clean top  / shirt to change into. Bring a water bottle or hot drinks travel mug if you'd like a hot drink.

What time should we turn up? Doors open at 19:15. We don't have access to the hall earlier as it has been booked by another group.

Will non-beginners or experienced dancers attend this course? Yes, dancers of all levels of experience are welcome to the beginner classes. However, the classes will focus on basics and will not require any previous dance experience.

Why do the experienced dancers come to the beginners’ class? Because they enjoy dancing, getting to know new people & they want to practise their basics.

Can beginners attend the intermediates’ class? You are welcome to watch the intermediates’ class. Please do not join in the class on this occasion.

What will I be able to achieve by the end of the 6 weeks? If you attend the beginners’ classes regularly, you will be able to string 2 or 3 moves together in a social dance.

When I complete this 6-week beginners’ course, should I book the intermediates’ course next? When you have completed this 6-week beginners’ course, do book the next 6-week beginners’ course.

Will the next 6-week beginners’ course be a repetition of this course? You will be learning new material in the next beginners’ course.

Will I be learning Lindy Hop or Charleston on this course? Generally, you will be learning how to string together 2 or 3 moves together in a social dance. Specifically on this course, we will begin with Hand-to-Hand Charleston, followed by Passbys and Swing Outs. There are all fundamentals of Lindy Hop. All the techiniques we will share with you will help you to enjoy social dancing as swing events or live music events.

If I miss some of my classes, will I be able to catch up? There is no need to 'catch up'. Just turn up as often as you can & enjoy the classes. There is nothing to memorise. Just by turning up & enjoying the classes, you will soon pick up the moves. 

If you want to practise at home, what is the best way to do that? During each class you will be given simple exercises to practise on your own at home. You do not need a partner to do your practice, especially at the early stages. In addition, you will be given free access to our Swing Dance Fundamentals Online course for one month. Make sure that you add the coupon code FREEONEMONTH to get it for free

Questions About Payment

Can we pay as we go instead of the course fee? It’s a course so please book & pay in advance.

Do you offer refunds? No refunds are offered.

Can I transfer my booking to someone else? No

If I miss some classes, can I transfer my booking to the next course? No


Wednesday, 21 October 2020, from 19:30 to 21:30
This class normally runs every Wednesday.

How Much?

Early Bird




35c, Framwellgate Bridge, Durham DH1 4SJ

A cosy venue, right in the heart of Durham City. Ring the door bell to gain entry. 

A Zoom link will be sent one hour before your class begins.