Jazz Up Your Events with Lindy Jazz

Are you looking for ways to create a lively, joyful and relaxed atmosphere for your special event with music and dancing? Then let us help you to get the party going and really make your event shine. 

A fun Charleston lesson with Lindy Jazz is a great way to get everyone warmed up and relaxed. It's a dynamic, effective and different ice-breaker.

We get you and your guests up on the floor with an entertaining dance-along lesson that’s so easy everyone can join in, smile, laugh, dance and relax. 

This is a great way to get the party started and create an event to remember.

Below is a video taken at a Christmas event called, the Snow Ball.

This video gives an idea of what you can expect in the Lindy Jazz sessions.


What Can You Expect?

The dance session will consist of two teachers delivering an easy-to-follow swing dance class with clear instructions, accompanied by toe-tapping swing music. The focus will be on giving everyone the opportunity to meet each other, have fun and enjoy a shared experience.
The dance activity is designed for the 'general public' who may / may not be familiar with movement or any exercise. Therefore, the session is not at all complicated, strenuous or high impact. It will be led in a step-by-step manner with plenty of encouragement and light-hearted entertainment. The music will be lively so to create a joyful atmosphere but the dancing is easy to manage by everyone who is able to walk.
If the event is held within 15 miles of Durham or Newcastle, we can also bring along members from our dance group to assist and take part in the session.
We can bring sound equipment or perhaps we can pay a visit to your venue and discuss the possibility of using your sound equipment.  A suggested schedule could like look this:
18:00 Arrive
18:20 Set up, sound checks
19:00 Sound checks complete 
19:15 Your guests are introduced to the event
19:30 Lindy Jazz session begins
20:15 (approx) Lindy Jazz session ends with options for
20:30 Performances and / or
20:40 A social dance with music by our swing music DJ
22:30 You may wish to end the event here or some event organisers sometimes will put on their own 'disco' afterwards (please note that we specialise in swing and blues music, therefore we cannot provide disco or other types of music)

Your Requirements

We are often asked for a cost at the start of an enquiry. In order to come up with a fee that works for you and for us, we'd begin by asking you for some information. That way, we can find out more about you, your event, and what you hope to achieve. By having an explorative conversation, we'd be able to come up with an event that will be wonderful, memorable and above all, joyful!

Some Questions to Get the Ball Rolling

1. When the event? Drop us a line at info@lindy-jazz.co.uk to check our availability before answering the other questions

2. Who will the event be for? Describe your guests

3. How many guests do you expect will be at your event?

4. What would you like to achieve at this event? For example, create a lively, joyful atmosphere or bring people together

5. Where will the event be held?

6. What type of flooring or staging does the venue have?

7. Does the venue provide you with a sound system?

8 Do the staff at the venue know how to operate the sound system?

9. Do you need us to bring our own sound system?

10. What time would the whole event start  / end? What time would you like us to deliver the Lindy Jazz session?

11. What other activities apart from the Charleston class would like us to include? For example, a couple of performances or a swing music DJ to play swing music for your party to keep everyone dancing and enjoying themselves?

12. What is your budget for Lindy Jazz's participation?


Who Are We?

From dancing on TV (as seen on BBC One's indent, "Swing Dancers, County Durham") to running her own International Swing Dance Festival, DJam, which brought people around the world to dance together at Durham Town Hall, to teaching dance fitness classes for the NHS in her community, Joo-Lee’s desire to spread the joy of dance shows no signs of stopping. 

Think that all sounds great, but you’re not sure about dancing?
Joo-Lee has even taught actors with no previous experience to dance! She was a choreographer and dance coach for TV dramas such as ‘United’ starring David Tennant and ‘Joe Maddison’s War’ starring Robson Green & Kevin Whately.
When you learn to dance with Joo-Lee, you know that you’re in safe, experienced, and very welcoming hands. 

Photo credit: Durham Cathedral

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