Lindy Jazz Online

This course is perfect for beginners and anyone who wants get to grips with the basic technqiue. By learning online in the comfort of your own home, you can practise the basic steps and build your confidence before you join a class.

If you are no longer a beginner but you want to build strong foundations in your swing dancing, or perhaps you've missed a few classes and need to catch up, this course will not only show you what the moves are but will teach you how to do them step by step.  You can also use the video lessons on this course to practise in between lessons and if you do this,  you will soon become a more confident swing dancer.

Choose Your Courses

Currently there are 4 courses:

1. Joshua Routine - FREE!

2. Dance Easy - FREE!

3. Beginner Swing Dance - £30 per month and you can start or stop anytime.

4. Swingfit Online - £6 per month


Here's How You Can Enrol


Happy dancing!