What People Say

Having danced for a year now, I find that Lindy Jazz beginner lessons are still useful due to their emphasis on technique, which can always be improved by dancers of any level. Lindy Jazz is unique in its beginner lesson content, which inspires people to be creative.  Rather than giving a set routine of moves, they teach a strong foundation of moves and encourage people to use them in any order, and to go further by coming up with their own variations. This ensures that all dances are kept fun and interesting for both leads and follows.

I would undoubtedly recommend a private lesson with Joo-Lee due to her in-depth focus on fundamental technique, which underpins everything about lindy hop. The advice I was given has long since stuck with me and I have seen a marked improvement in my dancing abilities since.

Michael Wall

The 1950s event was awesome; you guys definitely made the night! It worked so well with the extra couples - a great show!! Stephen is a superb instructor. Hopefully, we will be able to use you in the future?!

I hope the dance team enjoyed the night and were made to feel welcome. 

Thanks for all your help and ideas - you guys are fantastic!!!

Claire Wake (RAF Boulmer)

“Initially, I found I was wondering how dancing would work with networking, but we like to do things which are a bit different and we are always looking for different ideas, so we decided to ask Joo-Lee and things took off from there. To my surprise there wasn’t a single person who didn’t get involved, everybody gave it a chance and everybody enjoyed it and had a lot of fun.

The evening was good fun and got people talking. If you break down the barriers by giving people something mutual to talk about they quickly find they are having a good laugh, then they go on afterwards talking to each other and carry on laughing about what they’ve been doing, and I think that shared experience is the key to it

We have had two or three people that have said that that was the best night we have ever had. It was a lot of fun and it was very positive.”

Christine Yule (Durham Business Club)

While I was sceptical beforehand, my experience was really positive. It made for a lively party atmosphere, and because you were moving around the room you connected to people better. There was a great social level to it, and I think you end up speaking to more people, some you might not have spoken to before. I would say it brought the group closer together. Give it a try; don’t write it off without giving it a try first.

Richard Carter (Durham Business Club)

I invited Joo-Lee from Lindy Jazz to be a Guest Speaker at Newcastle College Performance Academy in March 2010 to speak to first year Foundation Degree students on the Event Management course.  I lecture on two modules, Principals in Event Management and Funding and Income Streams.

Having previously worked with Joo-Lee I knew she would be an ideal speaker given her experience in Event Management and delivery and teaching experience.  Lindy Jazz as a SME is an ideal model to illustrate to the students how to set up your own business and make it a success as Joo-Lee has done with her company. 
The students had a really good experience, learning some dance which proved to be a really good ice breaker and a great way to engage the students.  One student who is new to the Group, and particularly shy,  thanked Joo-Lee as the session had helped to introduce her to the Group and as a result of this she was invited to lunch with some of the Group and she is also very keen to do a work placement with Joo-Lee.  It was very beneficial for the students to meet a working professional from the event industry and get an insight into real life business.

I would highly recommend Lindy Jazz for to participate in any company events.

Sandra Chapman (Lecturer, Newcastle College of Performing Arts)

Joo-Lee has in depth knowledge of dance with fantastic people skills. However you are feeling at the beginning of a session you always feel happier at the end with a sense of achievement.
I would recommend Joo-Lee as an excellent team builder getting people to interact and working together towards a common goal.

Wayne Monk (Partner, Gelders Bakery, Sunderland)

I decided to set up a Dance section of the Procter & Gamble Sports & Social Club to offer something new and exciting for Procter & Gamble employees. With such a range of dance styles to offer, it was hard to know where to begin. Having learnt Lindy Hop, Charleston, Blues, Balboa and Shim Sham through Lindy Jazz with Joo-Lee, Andy and a variety of their guest and assistant teachers, I knew that Lindy Jazz would be a successful, fun and positive debut to the section. The ethos behind Lindy Jazz’s teaching is clear: encourage people to have fun, meet new people and gain lots of confidence through learning to dance in a relaxed and social atmosphere. The passion and organisation that goes into each class given is apparent and who can help but laugh at all of Joo-Lee’s accidental double-entendres?

Lindy Jazz has proven to be an extremely great beginning to Procter & Gamble Dancing and I have heard so much complimentary feedback from members of the classes – everyone has noticed Lindy Jazz’s warm, friendly and personalised approach to dance tuition, and I know that after offering some more dance styles in coming months to our employees, I will be inviting Joo-Lee and her teaching partner back to share the Charleston with us all. I can’t wait! Thank you very much Lindy Jazz: you’ve created a brilliant ‘first impression’ for the Dance section of this Social Club.

Vicci Tarry (Consumer Relations, Procter & Gamble UK)

I was skeptical of dancing lessons and didn’t know what to expect as there are so many different types however to be honest my first taster to Lindy hop at Procter & Gamble Sports & Social Club was great! It’s fun, energetic and I couldn’t stop smiling even when trying to remember some of my moves. The instructors were fantastic and this was obvious with the enthusiasm of the followers & leaders participating.
It was a nice end to the working day and I am already looking forward to next week’s lessons

Stuart Peacock (Hewlett-Packard)

Woodhorn booked Lindy-Jazz to perform on August Bank Holiday Monday as our major exhibition at the time was about Northumberland during WWII. The period music and dancing displays brought the exhibition theme and the museum site to life in a fun, friendly and accessible way. Lindy-Jazz were very professional to work with, and I would recommend them wholeheartedly. We were particularly impressed with how the group engaged with our visitors, spending time chatting with them about the music and dancing alongside their impressive performances.

Liz Ritson (Exhibitions and Events Officer, Woodhorn QEII Country Park)

I thought your interactive dance session was fabulous. It was new, innovative, enjoyable, broke down barriers very quickly and got people talking. However, my initial thoughts were very negative, it was not something that I wanted to get involved in and I could not see any value in “dancing”. Oh, how quickly I changed my mind! I believe that this is something that you should be promoting.

Bryan Burke (BKB-Consultancy)

I would like to thank you and Andy for your wonderful presentation of the Lindy Hop Blues dance at our Equality Awards on Friday. The dance, which was beautifully executed, lent atmosphere to the occasion and was extremely well received.  I would certainly be more than pleased to recommend you for any such event, thank you again. 

Liz Reay (Chief Executive, Equality North East)

Just a note to say thanks to you and your dancers for Friday night - all the feedback tells me it was rockin' in there!

Lisa Vickers (Events and Communications Manager, Women Into the Network (WIN))

Many many thanks to you and Andy for running such a superb day and night of events!  I know that those participating really enjoyed themselves and I have had a lot of good comments about the Friday night.   I appreciated all your efficient management of everything and hope that we can work together again.

Louise Butler (Exfactor Limited)

We had a GREAT afternoon and the feedback has been great, all the teachers we've spoken to are really keen for you to come back and do it again. The Charleston shoot afterwards was fantastic as well, due purely to the workshop; there are a couple of shots that look great, with everyone really 'in'. 

I particularly liked about the teachers session: 

It reaffirmed a lot of the practices that we already have in place but addressed them in a new way. Jane and myself both felt that it helped us to positively reassess our own dancing as well as our own teaching, and it was really interesting to see how others in the group coped with new models of learning and instruction. Tackling swingouts from the centre outwards was a refreshing take. I particularly liked the general nature that you both have, you are extremely approachable, amenable and modest as teachers which I think goes a long way to help improve people's self confidence, and thereby improve their learning experience; we've seen people responding badly to teachers in the past who can come across as a bit up themselves! None of that with you ;) 

First rate workshops. Thank you so much!

Bruce Hitchcock (Kingston Swing)

You gave us so much useful stuff from our skill swap sessions that we thought it’d be good to have you come & share it with our teachers. There were at least 3 levels of learning for me - learning about teaching, watching you teach & watching how our newer dancers were learning.

 Instead of teaching numbers, it was interesting to see how our dancers were picking up the technique & improving quickly once they got used to this new method that freed them from counting & from footwork patterns. Using your method, even the newer dancers were leading & following & could dance through a whole song.

Jane Inkle (Kingston Swing)

“You can pick up advice and pointers a lot more quickly in a private lesson”

Everyone has their own rate of learning and people pick up things in different ways/methods. Joo-Lee has a way of making the student relax and feel at ease… even me, who sometimes feels a bit awkward!

The detail you can go down to in a private lesson is far more than in a class full of students. When trying to focus on one particular area you find other things that may need looking at more closely.

It's not just dance practice but also the explanations behind it that I found interesting, I can't think of one thing that wasn't helpful about the advice that was given. 

I would recommend Joo-Lee to anyone. Her passion and real care for her student is always evident - she cares about the needs of the student. 

Graeme Flatman (Lindy Jazz member)

“It gave me time to develop an alternative understanding of lindy away from step patterns and moves”

Having a private lesson meant I had a consistent partner and therefore the opportunity to try different approaches to the same move. We were able to discuss what worked better, worse, or just differently.

Appreciating common "ideas" like triple step, pulse, stretch, kick down, and beginning to feel comfortable with them helped by allowing me to focus on other ideas, whilst maintaining communication with my partner.

I now have a better understanding that communication between dance partners improves with a good connection. Non-visual communication adds to the dance and is something that watching a demonstration can’t teach; I don’t get it until I feel it.

It’s fun to dance with the teacher; they love dancing too. 

If you know what you want but are looking for a way to get there; Or if you do not know what you want but know you want to learn, I would recommend a private lesson with Joo-Lee.

Dave Anon (Lindy Jazz member)

As always, Lindy Jazz are always a pleasure to work with. It's always impressive to see how organised the operation is - a well oiled machine. It was especially good seeing how the tempo of the evening was kept at a great pace, the atmosphere was held throughout and the hosting skills were impeccable - genuinely impressive stuff.

Carlo Viglianisi (Director, Emptyshop & Brass Festival Fringe)

We both really enjoyed the dance lesson and feel that we have a foundation of dancing skills on which to build.  You also gave us a bit more confidence in being able to dance together. Thanks you for that

Anne Adams

We found the lesson really beneficial, easy to follow, made perfect sense. We found it all helpful and interesting and was just the right pace, and the videos are a real help to jog our memory. We would definitely recommend the classes and one-to-ones to others and look forward too seeing you on a Tuesday night very soon. Thank you once again.


Kirstie & David Harris