Big Apple & Shim Sham - Performance Skills

Get more out of your Big Apple  than ever before, see friends, and have fun all at the same time. How can you do it? By signing up for the new courses starting 1st June!

Imagine being able to dance through a whole routine from beginning to end with confidence, style, and flair like never before. Not only that, but because you’ll get advanced techniques from Joo-Lee & Andy, you will feel more natural and relaxed. By the end of this course, you’ll find that your dancing is more dynamic, expressive, and creative than you could ever imagine.

There’ll be no more over-thinking, stiff movements, or feeling like you just need to sit any of this out. Instead, you’ll be to have fun and improvise no matter where the music takes you.

When & Where

Big Apple and Shim Sham - Tuesdays at 19:30 On Zoom

More Details

Click here for to book for the Big Apple! 

Is this really possible?

Yes, this is possible with a few ‘ifs’……

  1. If you show up every week or catch up by dancing along to the recorded lessons every week
  2. If you practise for 5 minutes every day or at least 30 minutes a week
  3. If you follow our recommended practice techniques
  4. If you ask questions
  5. If you record & watch yourself at least once a week

Here’s What You Get:

  • Get warmed up and ready with the Shim Sham as you start sprinkling in variations and building your improv skills
  • Polish the Big Apple and start embracing the new confidence and freedom you now have
  • Enjoy Andy’s Music Talk and see how easy it is to dance with more musical understanding with a little push in the right direction
  • Have fun with an engaging quiz and makes dancing to new swing tracks easier than ever before

Who is this course suitable for?

  • If you have current experience of the Big Apple but your memory of some of the moves or some of the sections are a bit inconsistent, this course is designed for you.
  • If you want to find out how your skills developed through the Shim Sham, Big Apple can be used for social dancing and improvising, this course is designed for you.
  • If you want to take the guess work out of dancing to swing music so that you can social dance with confidence when there are irregular patterns in the music such as breaks, solos, bridges, intros, endings, instrumentals and general ‘twiddly’ bits, this course is designed for you.

The Big Apple - as performed by Whitey's Lindy Hoppers!

More Details

Click here for to book for the Big Apple! 

What People Say

As always, Lindy Jazz are always a pleasure to work with. It's always impressive to see how organised the operation is - a well oiled machine. It was especially good seeing how the tempo of the evening was kept at a great pace, the atmosphere was held throughout and the hosting skills were impeccable - genuinely impressive stuff.

Carlo ViglianisiDirector, Emptyshop & Brass Festival Fringe

Woodhorn booked Lindy-Jazz to perform on August Bank Holiday Monday as our major exhibition at the time was about Northumberland during WWII. The period music and dancing displays brought the exhibition theme and the museum site to life in a fun, friendly and accessible way. Lindy-Jazz were very professional to work with, and I would recommend them wholeheartedly. We were particularly impressed with how the group engaged with our visitors, spending time chatting with them about the music and dancing alongside their impressive performances.

Liz RitsonExhibitions and Events Officer, Woodhorn QEII Country Park

Having danced for a year now, I find that Lindy Jazz beginner lessons are still useful due to their emphasis on technique, which can always be improved by dancers of any level. Lindy Jazz is unique in its beginner lesson content, which inspires people to be creative.  Rather than giving a set routine of moves, they teach a strong foundation of moves and encourage people to use them in any order, and to go further by coming up with their own variations. This ensures that all dances are kept fun and interesting for both leads and follows.

I would undoubtedly recommend a private lesson with Joo-Lee due to her in-depth focus on fundamental technique, which underpins everything about lindy hop. The advice I was given has long since stuck with me and I have seen a marked improvement in my dancing abilities since.

Michael Wall

Many many thanks to you and Andy for running such a superb day and night of events!  I know that those participating really enjoyed themselves and I have had a lot of good comments about the Friday night.   I appreciated all your efficient management of everything and hope that we can work together again.

Louise ButlerExfactor Limited

I would like to thank you and Andy for your wonderful presentation of the Lindy Hop Blues dance at our Equality Awards on Friday. The dance, which was beautifully executed, lent atmosphere to the occasion and was extremely well received.  I would certainly be more than pleased to recommend you for any such event, thank you again. 

Liz ReayChief Executive, Equality North East

“It gave me time to develop an alternative understanding of lindy away from step patterns and moves”

Having a private lesson meant I had a consistent partner and therefore the opportunity to try different approaches to the same move. We were able to discuss what worked better, worse, or just differently.

Appreciating common "ideas" like triple step, pulse, stretch, kick down, and beginning to feel comfortable with them helped by allowing me to focus on other ideas, whilst maintaining communication with my partner.

I now have a better understanding that communication between dance partners improves with a good connection. Non-visual communication adds to the dance and is something that watching a demonstration can’t teach; I don’t get it until I feel it.

It’s fun to dance with the teacher; they love dancing too. 

If you know what you want but are looking for a way to get there; Or if you do not know what you want but know you want to learn, I would recommend a private lesson with Joo-Lee.

Dave AnonLindy Jazz member

Just a note to say thanks to you and your dancers for Friday night - all the feedback tells me it was rockin' in there!

Lisa VickersEvents and Communications Manager, Women Into the Network (WIN)