Meet the Team


Joo-Lee has built up a reputation of being the leading swing dance teacher and swing festival director in the North East of England. Her passion is to give every adult beginner the opportunity to learn to social dance with confidence. Her teaching style is technique-focused, energetic, clear, simple and entertaining. Always engaging and fun, Joo-Lee loves to help people feel relaxed by creating a warm and friendly atmosphere in all her classes. Lindy Jazz CIC started as a single class in Durham and soon became a whole series of events including ‘DJam’; an annual four day dance festival attended by over 350 dancers from all over the world. Her work includes community dance fitness classes for the NHS through their ‘Arts into Wellbeing’ project as well as teaching actors with no dance experience to dance in only a few hours for TV dramas such as Joe Maddison's War starring Robson Green & Kevin Whateley and also United starring David Tennant.


Andy has been dancing since 1990, having started with an initial trial by fire in the Ballroom dance world, followed by a growing passion for Modern Jive.


Gillian joined Lindy Jazz in 2007. She quickly became hooked on lindy hop, blues and balboa and now travels extensively to learn the latest techniques to improve her dancing and teaching. She is also a popular DJ and regularly plays for swing and blues events across the UK and Internationally. Gillian is the Lindy Jazz balboa specialist.


Lucy is often at the Welcome Desk at Lindy Jazz classes and events, with the warmest smile & a friendly word. If you have any questions, about anything Lindy Jazz related, just email and you're sure to get a lovely message back!


Susan attended her first Lindy Jazz class in 2008 to exercise and socialise. She found everyone to be so friendly she couldn’t stay away and has been an integral part of the Lindy Jazz family ever since!