Lindy Hop Intermediate Course

Weekly Lindy Hop classes are every Tuesday at Gosforth Parish Hall. 
19:30 Beginners
20:30 Intermediates
21:30 Social / Practice
22:30 Ends

Theme:  Transform Your Dancing

Who is this course for?

This 6-week course is for Lindy Hop dancers who can attend classes on regular basis, are confident with their basics, and are keen to improve their technique to progress towards more advance dancing. Each week, you’ll focus on a set of concepts or moves, building on the previous week’s lesson to gain a clear understanding of leading, following and style.

Thinking of joining the Intermediate Class? Not sure what the criteria is or how this works? Take a look at Joo-Lee's blog post. 

Have you been a member of the Intermediate Class but not able to come to classes for 6 weeks or more? Take a look to see if your dancing still meets the expected criteria by checking Joo-Lee's blog post and also the minimum requirement detailed below. You can also catch up on missed classes via our Online Classes.

What is course about?

With a strong technique in place, learning lots of new moves will be so much more fun!

Week 1 -Fast Charleston + Charleston Variations

How to dance fast with ease. We will also look at different entries and exits for the Tandem & Travelling Charleston. Transitioning from Hand to hand to Tandem Charleston using different variations

Week 2 - Swing Out Variations + Fast & Fancy Swing Outs

 In this class you will learn how to spice up your swing outs by playing with syncopation, swivels, switches & many other variations. 

Week 3-  Mixing Charleston & Lindy Hop

Charleston & Lindy Hop are not separate dance forms. Let's see how we can include both styles in our social dancing

Week 4- Jazz Up Your Lindy Hop with Classic Moves

Let's use a few classic steps to add pizzazz to your social dancing. This lesson will offer you ideas on using solo moves as part of your partner dancing.