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Lindy Hop Advanced Workshop

About the Workshop

This workshop is for Intermediate dancers who want to progress their dancing to Advanced Lindy Hop.

** Spaces limited to 20 **

To make the most of your learning experience, please check the details below. Any questions? PM or email info@lindy-jazz.co.uk.

-- What are the pre-requisites to join this workshop?-- 

To join this workshop, you will need to be able to carry out different Lindy Hop steps such as groove walks, rock steps, triple steps as well as single and double kicks. In partner dancing, you should be able to lead/follow 
well-known figures such as the Passby, Send Out, Swing Out and Circle. Most importantly, this workshop will assume that you can lead/follow a basic Swing Out at medium tempo (150bpm Example: “I Like Pie, I Like Cake’)

-- What will we be learning in this workshop?-- 

In this workshop we will be learning more challenging variations, including different types of turns and spins. We will learn how to transition between these fancy variations so that we can lead/follow easily and confidently.

After a short break, we will be stepping up the tempo so that we can dance comfortably to over 180bpm. Examples of fast tempo swing tracks include ‘Lindy Hoppers Delight’, which is popular for ‘California Routine’ and ‘Jumping at the Woodside’ (210bpm)

-- What will we be able to achieve at the end of this workshop?-- 

If your basics are strong when you join the workshop and you practise regularly afterwards, this is what you will be able to achieve:

• You will be able to lead/follow the free combination of steps, triple steps, kicks, ball-changes etc and you will not limited to set patterns when you Swing Out

• You will be familiar with transitions between Lindy Hop and Charleston variations. 

• Moves such as Texas-Tommy, Sugar-Push, and Tuck-Turns will be in your dance toolkit.

• You should be able to dance comfortably with anyone to any music of any speed.

-- Can I drop in or do you need me to book online?-- 

Please book in advance so we can create a good lead/follow balance. Spaces will be limited to 20. If there are spaces in this class, you can drop in as long as you bring a partner and pay the ‘on-the-door’ price of £30.

-- Anything else I need to know about this workshop? -- 

This is a fast-paced class so make sure you bring plenty of spare shirts & snacks to keep your energy levels up! We will not have time to go over the essential basics so make sure that you practise your basics in class over the next few weeks. You will make the most of this Advanced Level class if you come prepared.

We can’t wait to see you!

When and Where?

Sunday, 21 May 2017 at Healthlands Gym
12:00-15:00 - Workshop

How Much?

Early Bird
On the door

About the Teachers

The legendary Dawn Hampton once said that if you want to improve your dancing, there is no better way than to dance all forms of dance.  This, in many ways, has been Joo-Lee’s own philosophy and experience.  Joo-Lee danced ballet as a child, was inspired and taught by the Jiving Lindy Hoppers since 1993 and has trained and gained social dance experience in Lindy Hop, Contemporary, Street, Salsa, Jive and Tap, all of which have influenced Joo-Lee’s own individual creative style.

Joo-Lee has a contagious enthusiasm for both dancing and teaching, ensuring an energy and buzz to any class or event she’s involved with.  Highly qualified, Joo-Lee’s background is as a former director of performing arts, as well as having had formal training in music and, most recently, life coaching, all of which combine to produce a highly effective, ever inspiring talent and expertise for building dance confidence and improving skills, performance and techniques in dancers of all levels.  Above all, Joo-Lee advocates that those who enjoy learning will in turn learn more and will learn more quickly.  Given the thousands of people she has worked with, together with her warm, relaxed nature, it is no surprise that Joo-Lee has successfully demonstrated that this is very much the case!

Andy is very much our music man!  His overt passion for jazz, swing and blues has inevitably led to an extensive, ever growing music collection to be proud of and this, together with his innate musicality and dance knowledge has ensured Andy’s reputation as a highly acclaimed Swing and Blues DJ, invited to play at numerous events all over the world!  Lindy Jazz are thrilled to claim Andy as our own resident DJ and it goes without saying that each event is guaranteed to offer the perfect soundtrack for an unforgettable dance experience, with a carefully managed atmosphere through music sensitive to the dancer’s every mood. 


This instinctive understanding of music has leant itself to Andy’s trademark smooth, connected and highly musical dance style!


Andy’s dance background began in the world of ballroom in 1990, followed by a growing passion for Modern Jive and an increasing devotion to blues dance and Lindy Hop, further fuelling his enthusiasm for social dance.  Andy can boast a most impressive foundation for his dance training, having studied with top teachers such as Frankie Manning, Steven Mitchell, Peter Loggins and Russell Sargeant.  Other influences include Salsa, Ballroom and Argentine Tango and his extensive experience, combined with Andy’s friendly, easy-going attitude have resulted in an accessible, motivational and connection-based teaching style which encourages everyone to feel welcome and included, promotes a relaxed environment and delivers positive responses from all our Lindy Hoppers!