Welcome to Lindy Jazz

Fun & Friendly Swing Dance Events in Newcastle & Durham - Lindy Hop, Blues & Balboa!

Here at Lindy Jazz our world revolves around Swing and Jazz music and the dances associated with it such as, Lindy Hop; Balboa; Blues and Charleston. We just couldn’t do without swing music; dancing; community spirit and of course, tea & cake!

Based in County Durham, Lindy Jazz provides weekly classes in Durham and Newcastle plus private lessons, taster classes, regular workshops and events. DJam, our annual four-day dance camp, is internationally renowned. Whatever your level, if you’ve got an appetite for fun and learning we’ve got something for you.

Is there something missing from your event? Looking for a vintage twist? Then look no further! Lindy Jazz boasts International teachers, acclaimed DJs specialising in Swing & Jazz music and a team of dancers just itching to make your event stand out!