Private Lessons

What are your dance wishes?

  • Do you want to really nail those basics?
  • Be comfortable on the social dance floor?
  • Be able to social dance more confidently?
  • Be able to better feel the music and respond to it?
  • Have a special event you want to prepare for?

Whatever your dance wishes, a private lesson can really fast-track your progress.

  • Learn faster – imagine having a month worth of classes in just one hour
  • Get a personalised plan focusing on technique
  • Solve those dancing problems you didn’t know existed
  • Become more aware of your own bad habits and get tips on how to correct them

Joo-Lee Teaching a Private Lesson

Have some questions?

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Who books private lessons?

Private lessons are suitable for dancers of all levels. As the lesson is taught one-to-one, or one teacher to a couple, it will be easily tailored to suit your needs.

Why should I have a private lesson?

Whilst group lessons are not only great for learning and also socialising it can sometimes be difficult to get lots of individual and specific feedback.  As much as the teachers try to speak to every single one of you individually, inevitably this may well be short.  Private lessons will enable you to get the attention you need if you want to learn more quickly. 

A private lesson is like having a month worth of classes as we can focus on your own individual requirements. By focusing on your dancing I can give you personalised advice and helping you to become aware of the areas to improve.

What happens during a private lesson?

At the start of the lesson we’ll have a chat about what you want to get out of the lesson. You can ask for specific advice or ask me for my opinion so that I can fix something really quickly.

If you feel comfortable enough we may even video your dancing and you will get hands on experience of how it feels to dance with an experienced advance dancer.

Where do private lessons take place?

Private lessons take place in a community venue. When you book your private lesson, you will be able to indicate your preferred location from a number of options.

When do private lessons take place?

Take a look at the available lesson slots and choose one that suits you or email for other options.

How much are private lessons?

Private lessons are £60 for 1 hour, £75 for 1.5 hours, £80 for 2 hours

What else do I get from booking a private lesson?

Before your lesson, you will get the opportunity to discuss what you'd like to learn or ideas for a special event you may be preparing your dance for. This will enable me to choroegraph or prepare your lesson.

At the end of your lesson, you will be able take away a 'video notebook' of your lesson points so that you can continue learning and practising in your own time. You will also receive online support where your questions are answered.

How many people can share a private lesson?

To get the best from a private lesson, the maximum number is two.

What do people get out of private lessons with you?

Take a look at what people say below.

"I would undoubtedly recommend a private lesson with Joo-Lee due to her in-depth focus on fundamental technique, which underpins everything about lindy hop. The advice I was given has long since stuck with me and I have seen a marked improvement in my dancing abilities since." Michael Wall

“Joo-Lee's really listened to my dance wishes. She really understood the motivations for wanting to improve my dancing the underlying reasons for me wanting to do so. This meant that our lessons where focused around my aspirations focusing the teaching on my underlying "symptoms".  Many of these weren’t evident or obvious to me at the start. Focusing on technique is a guilty pleasure of mine and Joo-Lee accommodated my geekiness!”

“I never realised how many funny things my feet do whilst I’m dancing. Now I can work towards fixing them.  I’ve also realized that I sometimes lose my bounce and we’ve been able to identify some of the bad habits that are hard to spot by myself. Now I’ve a list of things to focus on”  Luna Centifanti


“I really enjoyed working on my basic body position and technique. It’s great to get so much personalised advice and recommendations.”

“I’ve really improved on my basics. Revisiting them has vastly improved my dancing”     Cath Griffith

“I like the focus and the intensity of one-one lessons. It's like having a month's worth of classes all at once as the focus is on you rather than a group of people.”

“I’ve a much better understanding of the techniques needed for the Swing Out and now I can apply these to different moves. We worked on relaxing my arms and body, keeping my upper body straight and not over leading my follower.” Peter Tiplady

"You can pick up advice and pointers a lot more quickly in a private lesson! Everyone has their own rate of learning and people pick up things in different ways/methods. Joo-Lee has a way of making the student relax and feel at ease… even me, who sometimes feels a bit awkward!

The detail you can go down to in a private lesson is far more than in a class full of students. When trying to focus on one particular area you find other things that may need looking at more closely. It's not just dance practice but also the explanations behind it that I found interesting, I can't think of one thing that wasn't helpful about the advice that was given.

I would recommend Joo-Lee to anyone. Her passion and real care for her student is always evident - she cares about the needs of the student." Graeme Flatman

Having a private lesson meant I had a consistent partner and therefore the opportunity to try different approaches to the same move. We were able to discuss what worked better, worse, or just differently.

Appreciating common "ideas" like triple step, pulse, stretch, kick down, and beginning to feel comfortable with them helped by allowing me to focus on other ideas, whilst maintaining communication with my partner.

I now have a better understanding that communication between dance partners improves with a good connection. Non-visual communication adds to the dance and is something that watching a demonstration can’t teach; I don’t get it until I feel it. It’s fun to dance with the teacher; they love dancing too.

If you know what you want but are looking for a way to get there; or if you do not know what you want but know you want to learn, I would recommend a private lesson with Joo-Lee."  Dave Anon

How do I book my private lesson?

Look at the dates below and choose one that suits you. This is the booking form for a 2-hour lesson. Please scroll down for the 1-hour lessons. 

Look at the dates below and choose a date and time that suits you. This is the booking form for a 1-hour lesson. Please scroll up for the 2-hour lessons