SwingFit is a dance fitness class that brings you the steps and music from the swing era. With its low impact and high energy moves, you will soon forget you’re exercising as you will be having so much fun.

No dance experience is needed. Just wear comfortable clothes and shoes and be ready to sweat, smile and shimmy!

There are 2 classes at the moment; the Friday Swingfit class is lively & vibrant with a regular attendance of 40-50 ladies amd the Thursday Swingfit class is in a smaller venue and supported by a well-being charity.
NEW! From 6 March 11:15 a.m., a new Monday Swingfit class will be launching at St Aidan's Church Hall with new songs & new routines.

What To Expect

  • A high energy, low impact class, filled with swing music
  • Different options for the moves so there is something for everyone
  • A great party atmosphere & an uplifting experience

Venue and Price 

  • Mondays 11:15 St Aidan's Church Hall, Front Street, Framwellgate Moor, Durham DH1 5BL  - £4 
  • Thursdays 13:00 Bullion Hall, Chester-Le-Street DH2 2DW  - £3 
  • Fridays 10:00 St Aidan's Church Hall, Front Street, Framwellgate Moor, Durham DH1 5BL  - £4 

More Information

Just turn up! Wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in and shoes that support your feet, for example trainers without too much grip. Bring a bottle of water as you will be having so much fun, you will get hot!

When you arrive, you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire.

For more information, email us or call 07719174544

How Swingfit Began

Swingfit classes started in 2010 when Joo-Lee was facilitating a project for the ‘Arts into Wellbeing’ project organised by the NHS. This class proved to be so popular that after the NHS funding finished, it kept going. Due to the consistent attendance at ‘Swingfit’, there is a core of regular participants, who create a warm and friendly welcome to newcomers.  Joo-Lee chooses the music for each session with care to ensure it enhances the joyful and uplifting feeling that the participants have come to enjoy. She believes that our physical health is very much connected to our emotional and mental well being so she ensures that her participants feel good throughout the class and leave with a spring on their step.

Questions and Answers

Will I be the oldest/youngest in the class?

Swingfit welcomes ladies of all ages. Most of the ladies who come regularly are aged 50-70.

Do I need to be fit to join the class?

There are different options to suit different levels. You will find that your fitness levels will gradually improve as you attend regularly. If you are unsure, or have a health condition, please ask your doctor before joining the class.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable exercise clothes such as T-shirts and leggings. You will also be able to move more easily if you wear shoes that are comfortable with a smooth sole.

Will I be able to keep up with the class?

The moves are easy to follow and you do not need to memorise routines.

What if I have no rhythm and can’t dance?

You do not need to have rhythm or any dance skill as you will be shown what to do. When you join you will also be given a free DVD that shows you the steps.

Do I need to book?

You can simply turn up. However it’s a good idea to text 07719174544 in case we’re taking an occasional break.

How long is the class?

One hour. At the end of the class, you are invited to stay for a cup of tea!


Learn Online

You can now learn your Swingfit moves at home! This online course has lots of useful hints & tips to help you dance well. Check it out!