Wedding Dance Doctor

New To Dancing?

Find out how you can look beauitful and natural on your special day!


Check Out Katy & Greg's First Wedding Dance Lesson


Wondering what to do with your First Dance? We can help you in three different ways. Take a look and see which one is best for you.

Option 1:  Learn Online in the comfort of your own home

You have lifetime access to this informative and helpful online course with short 5-minute videos to help you learn in easy stages. Plus you can get online support directly from The Dance Doctor if you have any questions or issues with your dancing.  Check it out.

Option 2: Book a Private Lesson

Maybe you’ve got no time to join a class? Have you got two hours? Are you based in the North East of England? In just one two-hour dance lesson the Dance Doctor will help you to put together your own unique First Dance to music of your choice. No dance experience is necessary at all.

If dancing is a total mystery and having to dance in front of your friends and family feels scary, then a private lesson with the Dance Doctor is perfect for you. You will leave the lesson with a dance that looks and feels natural. Book a one-to-one Dance Doctor appointment to get a few easy moves & start looking forward to your First Dance.

Book Your Appointment Here  - you will receive an email with details of a suitable venue.