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Learn to Lindy Hop

About the Workshop

This event is in 2 parts: Beginners 12:00 then Improvers 14:30. To join the Beginners' Workshop, you do not need any previous dance experience. The Improvers' Workshop is perfect for dancers who have attended a Beginners' Workshop or about 6 evening classes.

--BEGINNERS WORKSHOP 12:00 --14:00 ---

This workshop is perfect for complete beginners who want to learn the basics of the Lindy Hop as well as dancers who want to refresh, revisit and refine their moves.

You will learn the essential steps & moves to add to your Lindy Hop toolkit so that the dance makes sense to you. You will also be shown what to listen for in the music so that you know how to start the dance and how to dance through a whole song.

Join our step-by-step class that will take you from 'Two Left Feet' to 'Comfortable And Confident' in just two hours. With everything being explained clearly and simply you’ll find it easy to understand and easy to do.

You do not need to book with a partner but it’s twice as much fun if you book with a friend!

--IMPROVERS WORKSHOP 14:30-16:30 ---

This workshop is perfect for you if you have attended a Beginners Lindy Hop workshop or weekly classes and you are ready to learn a few more moves. Starting with a warm up to check that simple basics such as rhythm, direction and connection are in place, we will then move on quickly to learn some classic Lindy Hop moves such as the Passby and Swing Out.

Join our step-by-step class that will take you from 'Beginner Plus'to 'Improver' in just two hours. With everything being explained clearly and simply you’ll find it easy to dance with more confidence and style.

-- BOTH WORKSHOPS -- For those of you who would like a longer session and really get to consolidate your moves, book for both workshops. We will take regular breaks for rest, refreshment and reflection!

Your Teacher Joo-Lee Stock specialises in helping beginners to become quickly confident through her warm, engaging and entertaining style of teaching. She holds regular Lindy Jazz classes in Newcastle and Durham.

Grab your Early Bird tickets now!

Early Bird (until 26 April £8) Advance (until 3 May £9) Standard (£10)

Book 2 workshops & save! Early Bird £12 Advance £14 Standard £15

When and Where?

Sunday, 7 May 2017 at Healthlands Gym
12:00-14:00 - Beginners' Workshop
14:00-14:30 - Practice / Break
14:30-16:30 - Improvers' Workshop

How Much?

Early Bird
Beginners Workshop
Improvers Workshop
Both Workshops

About the Teachers

The legendary Dawn Hampton once said that if you want to improve your dancing, there is no better way than to dance all forms of dance.  This, in many ways, has been Joo-Lee’s own philosophy and experience.  Joo-Lee danced ballet as a child, was inspired and taught by the Jiving Lindy Hoppers since 1993 and has trained and gained social dance experience in Lindy Hop, Contemporary, Street, Salsa, Jive and Tap, all of which have influenced Joo-Lee’s own individual creative style.

Joo-Lee has a contagious enthusiasm for both dancing and teaching, ensuring an energy and buzz to any class or event she’s involved with.  Highly qualified, Joo-Lee’s background is as a former director of performing arts, as well as having had formal training in music and, most recently, life coaching, all of which combine to produce a highly effective, ever inspiring talent and expertise for building dance confidence and improving skills, performance and techniques in dancers of all levels.  Above all, Joo-Lee advocates that those who enjoy learning will in turn learn more and will learn more quickly.  Given the thousands of people she has worked with, together with her warm, relaxed nature, it is no surprise that Joo-Lee has successfully demonstrated that this is very much the case!