Lindy Hop Intermediate Course

Lindy Hop 6-week courses are held every Tuesday. Read more.

Dates of the current course: 23 May - 27 June

Time: 19:30 Intermediates 20:30 Beginners 21:30 Social / Practice 22:30 Ends

Theme: How to Dance With Confidence

Who is this course for?

This 6-week course is for Lindy Hop dancers who, ideally can attend classes reguarly, are confident with their basics, and are keen to improve their technique to progress towards more advance dancing. Each week, you will get to focus on a set of concepts or moves, building on the previous week so that you will have a clear grasp of leading, following and style.  

Thinking of joining the Intermediate Class? Not sure what the criteria is or how this works? Take a look at Joo-Lee's blog post. 

Have you been a member of the Intermediate Class but have not been coming to class regularly for 6 weeks or more? Take a look to see if your dancing still meets the expected criteria by checking Joo-Lee's blog post & also the minimum requirement detailed below. You can also catch up on missed classes via our Online Classes.

What is course about?

To dance with confidence, we need

  1. control over our basic movements i.e. that our body will do what we want it to do.
  2. some classic tools in our dance toolkit so we can pull them out without having to think.
  3. to be able to respond to the music and to our partners. 

This course is designed for improver/intermediate dancers who have basics such as Passby, Tuck Turn, Swing Out, Circle & Charleston in place and we can’t wait to make the most of what you have and take it to the next level!

Week 1 -How to Dance Musically

We will be covering these topics:

How to dance to very slow or very fast music

How to know when the music is about to end & what to do about that

How to know when to do 6 or 8 counts triple step

How to dance to music that has no clear beat or structure

How to use swing phrasing to make your dancing feel and look good

How to dance with a better sense of rhythm

How to stop dancing to just the beat & start to add more rhythmic interest to your dancing

Week 2 - How to Mix Lindy Hop & Charleston

How do you know when to know when to dance Charleston or Lindy Hop or Jazz steps or a combination in one swing track? This week, we will learn both Lindy Hop & Charleston moves & have fun learning transitioning between them.

Week 3 - How to Improvise with Style & Confidence

We will be covering these topics:

How to improvise without feeling lost or confusing our partner

How to improvise without disrupting the flow of the dance

How to improvise using simple rhythm combinations 

How to be free to dance without being stuck to certain footwork patterns

How to dance without having to think or concentrate on our moves

Week 4 - Redirecting & Hijacking

Do leaders just lead? Do followers just follow? Or is leading & following this quite nebulous? Learn to practise empathy, improve your connection and have fun redirecting or hijacking your partner’s moves

Week 5 - Fast Lindy Hop

This week, we will look at ways to dance to faster music without sweating, slipping, tripping up or falling over. There is no need to sit out when the music is too fast. Discover how to use your rhythms that are helpful and how to manage your tension so it doesn’t block your movement.

Week 6 - Moves, Moves, Moves!

With a strong technique in place, learning lots of new moves will be so much more fun. As the final week of the course, tell us the moves you’ve seen on the dance floor or on social media and let’s see if we can add some exciting moves to your repertoire!