Lindy Hop Intermediate Course

Lindy Hop 6-week courses are held every Tuesday. Read more.

Dates of the current course: 4 April - 16 May    Easter break: 18 April
Time: 19:30 Intermediates 20:30 Beginners 21:30 Social / Practice 22:30 Ends

Who is this course for?

This 6-week course is for Lindy Hop dancers who, ideally can attend classes reguarly, are confident with their basics, and are keen to improve their technique to progress towards more advance dancing. Each week, you will get to focus on a set of concepts or moves, building on the previous week so that you will have a clear grasp of leading, following and style.  

Thinking of joining the Intermediate Class? Not sure what the criteria is or how this works? Take a look at Joo-Lee's blog post. 

Have you been a member of the Intermediate Class but have not been coming to class regularly for 6 weeks or more? Take a look to see if your dancing still meets the expected criteria by checking Joo-Lee's blog post & also the minimum requirement detailed below. You can also catch up on missed classes via our Online Classes.

Week 1 - Lindy Hop Essentials

It's time to refresh, recap & review your intermediate tool kit to check that's it all present & correct as we start this 6-week course packed with exciting techniques & dynamic moves. 
** Minimum requirement: a discernible pulse, clear 6 & 8 count triple steps in any direction**

Week 2 - Swingout Clinic

You may feel you know your Swingout but every so often it needs fixing. If you want fast, neat, dynamic swing outs with lovely variations, then don't miss this opportunity to geek out on the technique. 
**Minimum requirement: 6 count pass by & variations, 8 count jockey position variations **

Week 3 - Fancy Footwork, Switches & Swivels

Knowing your basic 6 & 8 count basic and being able to do it without thinking is a minimum requirement to join the intermediate class. Once your basics are strong, it's time to change it up so you're not repetitive. In this class you will learn how to spice up your swing outs by substituting your basic rock steps and triple steps with different variations. 
**Minimum requirement: basic Swing Out from open and close**

Week 4 - Jazz Up Your Lindy Hop

You may have learnt some rhythm variations and a few solo jazz steps like Hallelujah, Boogie Back/Forward, Apple Jacks & Tacky Annie so now, how do you add these into your partner dancing without interrupting the flow of your dancing? 
**Minimum requirement: basic Solo Jazz steps from the Shim Sham**

Week 5 - What is connection? 

Do you know what your partner is doing? Do they always lead you well? Do they follow you easily? Or does your connection feel awkward? This week, you will discover ways to lead and follow more effectively by refining your skills such as empathy, angle matching, stretch & release.

If you are tired of just going through the shapes, struggling with advanced moves and wondering why triple steps happen, instead of other steps, come along to this class to learn how to LEAD and FOLLOW Lindy Hop!
**Minimum requirement: good movement skills, ability to relax your shoulders, arms, hands, fingers at will**

Week 6 - How to dance to Swing Music?

Swing music should not be treated as a beat machine! Which part of the music should we be dancing to? - the beat or the tune or something else? Does it matter when to do Lindy Hop or Charleston moves? In this class, you will learn how to make sense of swing phrasing so that your dancing is more musical, enjoyable and interesting.
**Minimum requirement: basic 6 & 8 count footwork, able to clap on 2**