Joo-Lee Andy as Your Guest Teachers

We would love to teach at your weekend event & bring the fun of Lindy Hop to your community.  Here is a selection of classes. Got other topics in mind? Let's have a chat! Contact us here.

Taster Classes for Beginners


Lindy Hop Level 1

Have fun with the classic Swing Out. Keep it simple & elegant or spice it up with more dynamic turns.

Lindy Hop Level 2

Unleash your playfulness as you discover new ways of hitting the breaks, feeling the rhythm & adding a real swing style in your dancing.

Hand-to-Hand Charleston Level 1

A partnered Charleston dance that gives you plenty of scope for fancy variations & personal styling. 

Solo Charleston Level 1 --- Joo-Lee

A fun introduction to solo jazz steps which will add style to your partner dancing. Discover movement skills that will increase your stretch, twists, footwork rhythms & arm movements.

Swing & Blues Level 1

When the tempo slows down & the beat is less obvious, let's dance to the different parts of the music to create a variety of moods.

Shim Sham

A group line dance that started in Harlem in the 1930s and it's now done at swing dances all over the world. Lots of fun with rhythms & styling.

The Fine Art of DJing --- Andy

Interested in DJing? Or do you just want to know what DJs do? All about equipment, choosing music, reading the floor, making a set flow and a dancefloor come alive - a rare chance to learn from one of the UK’s top swing and blues DJs.

(a talk with lively discussion so dance floor not needed. Just need a 6 ft table near power supply & chairs for attendees)

About Joo-Lee & Andy

Joo-Lee & Andy of ‘DJam Swing Dance Festival’ have coached actors to dance in TV dramas including ‘United’ starring David Tennant. Always engaging and fun, they love to share their joy of the Lindy Hop through their technique-focused classes.

Longer Bio

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DJ Andy

Andy is one of the UK’s top swing and blues DJs and much sought after by international swing dance festivals such as Herrang, Chase Festival, Swing Summit & Hullazpoppin to name a few.  

DJ Andy - longer bio

Andy Lewis has been DJing since a magical moment in 2007, when he watched a small change in the energy and tempo of the music galvanise and rejuvenate a dance floor. He has gone on to develop his DJing for Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues, and has a real talent for picking out music that is aimed at dancers. He loves to work the atmosphere of a floor, creating a flow of music and energy that inspires dancers to create extraordinary moments in their dancing. He has DJ’d many times at events in the UK and across Europe, including ESDC, DJam, Herrang, Snowball, ELX, Hullzapoppin, LSF, Spoonful, Blues Baby Blues and Tenhola, amongst many others.



Put a Swing in Your Step & Do a Charleston!

Do a Charleston for an outdoot event

Pactising with beginners after a workshop

A lesson recap after a beginner's class

Workshops for Improvers/Intermediates

 "How to Dance with Confidence”

To dance with confidence, we need to have control over our basic movements i.e. that our body will do what we want it to do. To dance with confidence, we need some classic tools in our dance toolkit so we can pull them out without having to think. To dance with confidence, we need to know how to respond to the music and to our partners. 
This workshop is designed for improver/intermediate dancers. You already have some basics in place and we can’t wait to make the most of what you have and take it to the next level!
Here are the topics we plan to share with you.
How to make the most of Jazz Steps
How to make simple jazz steps look stylish in social dancing 
How to use jazz steps to jazz up our Lindy Hop
How to add jazz steps in musically appropriate parts of our social dancing
How to use our arms & other body parts 
How to use our posture to help us to move with ease & improve our connection 
How to use our arms to lead/follow with better connection 
How to create movement & redirect or hijack our partner’s intentions
How to dance to music 
How to dance to very slow or very fast music

How to know when the music is about to end & what to do about that

How to know when to do 6 or 8 counts triple step
How to know when to dance Charleston or Lindy Hop or Jazz steps or a combination in one swing track
How to dance to music that has no clear beat or structure
How to use swing phrasing to make your dancing feel and look good
How to dance with a better sense of rhythm
How to stop dancing to just the beat & start add more rhythm to your Lindy Hop
How to improvise with style & confidence
How to improvise without feeling lost or confusing our partner
How to improvise without disrupting the flow of the dance
How to improvise using simple rhythm combinations 
How to be free to dance without being stuck to certain footwork patterns
How to dance without having to think or concentrate on our moves